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Our Commitment to You

My name is Dan Knipfer, I am in charge of the daily operations of D&M Concrete. I am the President of the company. D&M was started in 1960 by my Father Marv and his Brother Duane. A short time later their Father Frank sr. and Brothers Frank and John joined the company and their sons and daughters, along with myself and my brothers all came to work for D&M. Three generations in all had a hand in building the company and earning the reputation we are so proud of today. My son Sean has become the fourth generation to have a career with D&M. Sean is currently the estimator and manager. I know he will keep up the values, traditions and the reputation we work so hard to preserve every day.

As a third generation concrete craftsman I had the privilege to learn the trade from my Father, My Uncles and most of all my grandfather. My grandfather spent two years teaching me all the “Tricks of the Trade”. He shared all his knowledge of which I am truly thankful for. Even now, over 35 years later, I still find use for those “tricks of the trade.” Many companies say they are a “Family Business” But as you can see we truly are “A business created by Family”

We promise to give you not only a high quality product but also a high quality experience.